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Norwegian Ambassador, Mr Arve OfstadNorwegian Ambassador, Mr Arve Ofstad

15.10.2014 // Welcome to Norway in Zambia – and welcome to this website on Zambia-Norway relations and cooperation. I hope it is useful and of interest to all seeking basic information and news on our relationship; on how to get to Norway as tourist, as student or for private or official business; on Norway’s aid programmes and other activities in Zambia; on business, research cooperation and civil society interactions; and more.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lusaka. The website is intended to provide relevant information on the relationship between Zambia and Norway, on issues relating to development assistance as well as the broader economic, cultural and political relationships. The website also provides an introduction to Norway; the society, business, politics, tourist attractions, and more. It will help potential visitors to Norway, whether you plan to come as a student, a tourist, a business executive, or on an official visit.

Norway has been actively supporting Zambia’s development efforts since 1967, and the first Norad development cooperation office was opened in 1971. This was upgraded to an Embassy in 1996. Today Norway continues a strong development aid programme focussing on support to economic management and mobilisation of Zambia’s own economic resources through taxation and anti-corruption measures; on agriculture with emphasis on more robust practices to meet the challenges of climate change; and on support to women’s rights and gender equality.

In addition, the embassy supports Norwegian and Zambian business partners wishing to cooperate in energy and other sectors; a number of Norwegian non-governmental organisations that provide important services for the poor; and the interaction between academic institutions, cultural exchanges, students and other groups from the two countries.

We hope that all will find the information you want and need, at these web pages. We also hope that you will appreciate the news items that aim to keep you updated on important events relating to the broad cooperation and relations between Norway and Zambia. Comments on the website can be sent to the Embassy at the following email address: emb.lusaka@mfa.no.

Arve Ofstad





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